As of July 2022, we are no longer accepting new dog walking clients. Our daycare facility is currently operating with a waiting list, to which new clients may be added.

If you require something that is not listed below, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs; all requests are considered, however, please note that we are unable to accept dogs who are not spayed or neutered for daycare or boarding at Tails Towers.

We offer a home away from home experience at 'Tail Towers', which is especially suited to dogs for whom staying in boarding kennels is not ideal. We accept a maximum of eight dogs to allow each animal to have their own spaces when required. Because of this, we do not currently accept dogs over 12kg. We also have a second location in the Jordaan which can accommodate up to three dogs under 12kg for boarding.

At Tail Towers, your dog will be kept company by not only us, but our resident animals, and will therefore need to be socialised with both dogs and cats.

Please note that daycare and boarding bookings are only confirmed upon completion of a successful trial (the cost of which is €22.50).


Unlike most companies, we usually walk dogs individually (unless otherwise requested), ensuring they receive our full attention. If you do not live near a park, we can – depending on size – cycle with your dog to allow them access to a green space. We understand there is not a one size fits all approach. Each breed and each dog is different, as are their exercise requirements. We are comfortable and experienced with very active walks, walking large dogs or dogs with behavioural issues who require strong leash skills. If you have multiple dogs, or you would like your dog to become more socialised, we are of course happy to walk them as a pack when possible. During extreme weather, we will always attend to your pet so they can relieve themselves. We will then make a judgement as to whether they are comfortable walking in the conditions, and if needed, we will return them home early, spending the remainder of the appointment ensuring they are dry and entertained with cuddles and play time instead.


Are you stuck on conference calls all day with no time to interact with your pooch? Does your dog have separation anxiety? Or do they just want some furry friends to play with? Our day care service at Tail Towers can help you in all of these scenarios. Drop off is at 0800 or after 1000, and collection is at 1700. We offer local clients a pick up and drop off service (subject to availability). Please note we cannot accept dogs over 12kg, or uncastrated males.


Are you going out of town, whether that be for one night, a weekend or on a longer holiday? The team at Tail Towers have many clients for whom we provide overnight care, either here or in your own home. Your dog will be walked according to their usual walk schedule and kept company for the majority of the evening and throughout the night. We ensure there is ample time built in for play and tickles, as well as observing your dog’s regular feeding timetable. Included in the overnight stay is a morning walk on the day of your return home. Should you require care beyond this our standard day care rate will be applied. We will also happily water plants, take in mail, and ensure your home is found exactly how you left it. We can also pick up basic groceries so that your return home is as smooth as possible.


Tails of the City was not created to solely cater to dogs, and we feel fortunate to count cats, rodents, reptiles and birds on our client list too. We offer one or two visits per day, with each appointment lasting at least 30 minutes. However we pride ourselves on being flexible, so if you require each visit to be longer, or would like to have multiple visits per day, please do contact us for a bespoke quote. We also offer overnight care for your pet if required. During our visit, we will feed and water your pet, clean litter boxes and cages and ensure there’s enough time left over for the all-important play time so your pet stays stimulated. We can also open and close curtains, turn lights on and off and anything else required to help with security.


Does your cat need to go to the vet for their annual vaccinations, but the only slot available is inconvenient for you? Has your dog been to the vet and now requires a follow up consultation, but you have an important work meeting that you can’t miss? Is your dog’s hair getting so long people are starting to think he’s joined a rock band? Panic not, the team at Tail Towers are here to help you. We will collect your pet and take them to their appointment before delivering them back home with confirmation of any medication / follow up instructions.


Please send all enquiries using the 'Contact' form on this website. Once we confirm our availability to fulfil your request, you will be asked to complete an online registration, during which you will be asked to sign your agreement to our terms and conditions.

Tails of the City take the responsibility of looking after other people’s pets very seriously, which is why we offer all prospective clients a no-obligation introductory meeting to follow up on your online registration and to discuss your needs in detail. Home visits are preferred for new dog walking clients so that your pet is in their own territory and comfortable. If your dog has leash anxiety, or any other walk-related issues, we can meet during a walk so that we can observe behaviours first-hand. For daycare or boarding clients, a trial at Tail Towers  is carried out to ensure your pet is a good fit with our environment and resident animals (the cost of which is €22.50 daycare / €45 overnight).

You will then receive an email confirmation of your pet’s registration with Tails of the City, and we will periodically check in with you to ensure that details remain current.

Once your registration is complete, you can make bookings, amendments and cancellations via email, through the contact form on this website, or through a Whatsapp group that Team Tails will create for you and your primary caregivers. We will also post photos and videos on our social media channels so that you can keep up to date with activities (you can also opt-out if you so wish).