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    Having struggled to find reliable - and flexible! - cat sitters and dog walkers ourselves, we decided to take a leap of faith by leaving comfortable careers in marine engineering and leadership consulting, and follow our dream of setting up our own business: a flexible and bespoke dog walking and pet care service in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam. And so begins our 'tail'.

    'Tail Towers' is conveniently based in the heart of Amsterdam, and we offer our walking and pet sitting services in Centrum (1017), De Pijp (1072 & 1073), Jordaan (1015 & 1016), Museumkwartier / Oud-Zuid (1071 & 1075) and Oud-West (1052, 1053 & 1054).

    We have been blessed as parents to all sorts of animals, including multiple dog breeds, and love discovering the quirks and personality of each individual animal.

    Some of the most rewarding work we have been involved in has been helping owners of dogs with behavioural or trauma issues, which can be an emotionally and physically draining journey. Tails of the City partners with you to help reinforce any training programs that are being used. We are confident and comfortable with dogs of all sizes. We are also experienced carers for dogs who are somewhat beyond their puppy years (a bit like us!) and those who require extra attention due to medical conditions.

    Tails of the City is not just about dogs. We also offer in-home boarding and house visits for felines, rodents, reptiles and we have a few clients of the avian variety, with whom we love to dance and sing. We are happy to consider requests for any pets you may have, although dancing and / or singing may or may not be included! We do not offer cat boarding at Tails Towers.

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    The senior management team at Tail Towers are all named after members of the Dutch royal family, in honour of our adopted homeland: Bea and Klaus, two majestic Maine Coon cats from Delft, are named after the former Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus; and Max, a street dog we rescued in Romania, whose name was inspired by the current Queen Maxima.

    The minions who work for Max, Bea and Klaus are also listed below.

    Max – Chief Dog Officer
    Max spent the first four months of his life in Romania where he was rescued by our wonderful friends at Happy Tails. He's also the reason we started Tails of the City, having struggled to find a daycare solution that would work with his issues. Having experienced a pretty traumatic start in life, he's taught us how to deal with reactivity in dogs and he now spends his days having the best time with his daycare pals or at the beach.
    Bea – Chief Cat Officer
    Born in the Dutch city of Delft in 2015, Beatrix spends most of her day hanging out with the neighbourhood cats. In the evenings, she likes to join dogs who are boarding at Tails Towers for snuggles with the on-duty caregiver, although she definitely lets them know who's boss when it comes to waiting their turn for a cuddle! Her gentle demeanour is great at helping new dogs who aren't so sure about cats settle.
    Klaus – Chief Snoozing Officer
    The big brother of Beatrix, Klaus' job title really is apt. While cats are known to sleep for approximately 15 hours each day, Klaus definitely maxes out higher than that. His favourite places to snooze include the roof of Tails Terrace where he can keep an eye on any dog shenanigans, or up high on one of his perches indoors to give him the best view of our guests. He takes his job as Tails Security very seriously!
    Gary – Chief Litter Tray Officer
    Thanks to his childhood spent in the English countryside, Gary's always loved being in the company of animals. His grandparents – and David Attenborough – instilled in him a great respect for nature and he grew up surrounded by not only dogs and cats, but horses, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, house rats, fish, birds and a ferret, gaining experience in caring for a multitude of animals along the way.
    Ken – Chief Walkies Officer
    Having swapped the rolling hills of Northumberland, for the flat landscape of the Netherlands, Ken decided to go one step further and become a full time animal playmate. It’s proved to be the wisest decision he ever made. His days now consist of being greeted with wagging tails and happy meows, and his current record for walks is 159km in seven days. Can you help him make it over the 160km mark?